Image of The Stranger


Image of The Stranger

With the warmth of an Americana romance and the grit of a tough
western, Lane's latest follows a classic plotline. Her realistic and sympathetic characters take this simple, much-used storyline to a higher level.

After five years in prison Caleb McCurdy returns to the one place he can't forget -- the place where his ruthless brothers maimed a young wife and killed her husband. He needs to find out what happened to Laura.

Since that day Laura has grown into a resilient woman, raising her son, Robbie, and salvaging what she can of her ranch. Wary of strangers, she surprises herself when she hires Caleb to fix her fences. There's something about the drifter's honesty and kindness to her and Robbie that makes her trust him. Though Caleb knows he's a half-breed ex-con and not good enough for Laura, he stays on. Falling in love with her and Robbie is inevitable, but when his brothers find him, can Laura forgive Caleb and give his soul the peace he deserves? (Harlequin, Jul., 250 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin