Image of Stranger (Blades of the Rose)


Image of Stranger (Blades of the Rose)

Set in 1875 England, the final volume in the Blades of the Rose quartet is a thrilling installment in the series as past characters join forces to save the world. There’s action, adventure and love along with pixies, trolls and King Arthur. Merlin and chaos keep the pace fast and readers glued to the pages until the startling climax. Archer has proven herself to be a grand mistress of the historical paranormal who knows how to blend history and fantasy without one overshadowing the other, a feat worthy of her Blades.

Chicago newspaper reporter Gemma Murphy has a nose for news. When she overhears three strangers discussing saving the world from conspirators, she makes her move to uncover their story and learn more about the fascinating Catullius Graves. A quiet, intense inventor, Catullius understands his duty to the Blades, but he also recognizes Gemma’s need to show up her male counterparts at the paper. Their attraction draws Gemma into the Blades’ plan to stop the Heirs from using the Primal Source to revive King Arthur and make England the holder of all the world’s magic. As the Blades join forces Gemma and Catullius travel to the Glastonbury, Arthur’s burial place, and the Otherworld. As they encounter one danger after another their love grows stronger, but is it strong enough to help them survive the final battle? (ZEBRA, Dec., 370 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin