There's more hot passion and danger in the wilds of Maine as another Knight male succumbs to Cupid. Both of these wonderful characters are headstrong
and passionate, and their courtship
is anything but typical or ordinary. When you crack open a Chapman book, you are guaranteed pure
reading pleasure.

Anna Segee's life started over after she was saved as a preteen from rape by Ethan Knight and then taken to Canada to live with her biological father. Anna, once known as Abby, never forgot the boy who saved her, and when she inherits her maternal grandfather's run-down old mill, she returns incognito to reclaim her heritage. Anna's plans to rebuild go smoothly until the Loon Cove Lumber Mill, where she's foreman, is bought by the Knight family.

Things started badly for Anna and Ethan, who so far has not recognized her, but he ends up semi-living at her house after she's involved in a car accident. Since Anna's grandfather died in an accident at the same place in the road, Ethan wonders if either of the incidents were really accidents. In spite of Anna's self-reliant streak, Ethan is planning on sticking to her like glue.

(POCKET STAR, Feb., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith