Her grandfathers disappearance strikes terror in the heart of attorney Dawn Perry. While she knows that Amos Wilton is a capable man, the thought of him being lost up on Eskaway Mountain is frightening. She quickly rouses the local authorities and arranges for a search party. Dawn winds up partnered with ex-con Jonah Campion.

As a firm believer in the law, Dawn dislikes Jonah at first. But once they commence their search, she begins to revise her opinion. While they are searching, Jonah claims to have seen a mountain lion on the trailbut there have been no mountain lions in the Pennsylvania for generations.

Once they locate Amos, he confirms Jonahs sighting. The return of mountain lions to the mountain holds special significance for Dawn. According to legend, no one in her family will be lucky in love until the cougars return.

While Dawn, Amos and Jonah welcome the return of these majestic animals, others in the community are less thrilled. Local hunter Ray Koslowski plans to kill the animal. The only way to save the big cat is to trap it and place it in Amoss wildlife sanctuary. But after having been unjustly incarcerated himself, Jonah vows to keep the mountain lion free.

Both Jonah and Dawn feel an almost mystical connection with this wild creature, but are at odds over how to best protect it. Can their burgeoning love survive if the cat disappears from the mountain?

Linda O. Johnston gives readers a tale of people learning to put aside prejudices and accept human imperfections. STRANGER ON THE MOUNTAIN works as a warm and loving drama. (Mar., 310 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith