Learning that her "dead" husband is actually alive turns Lady Hawksworth's world upside down. She was trapped in a loveless marriage until Hunter drowned on his way home from India. Now she is faced with the prospect of having to live that cold life again.

She has been able to stay in the country and build the perfect life for herself, aiding the children in a local orphanage and helping her sister who lives with an abusive husband.

The man who returns is not the Hunter she remembers. He knows all their private secrets, has Hunter's birth marks, but he is not disinterested or dispassionate when it comes to Lara.

She is torn between believing and disbelieving this man to be her husband, even as she falls deeply and passionately in love with a virile, sensual man who woos her into his bed with a bargain. He also uses his gentleness and respect for her to arouse potent desire.

Lost in a new world of love and sensation, Lara and Hunter are unaware of the devious plot to prove Hunter a clever con-man...a malicious scheme that plunges them into jeopardy.

Lisa Kleypas successfully transports the Tale of Martin Guerre, or "Sommersby," to Regency England, drawing readers into a lush romance where they wonder about Hunter's true nature. With skill, fascinating characters and a true feel for the era, Ms. Kleypas delivers a superb romance that captures your attention. A rare "hard-to-put-down" read that you'll treasure. SENSUAL (July, 354 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin