Image of Stranger, Seducer, Protector


Image of Stranger, Seducer, Protector
STRANGER, SEDUCER, PROTECTOR (4) by Joanna Wayne: Jacinth Villare is being terrorized in her home. After a body drops out of a wall in her bathroom, newly arrived neighbor Nick Bruno appoints himself her bodyguard, even though he knows spending too much time with her is a bad idea. After all, his father was convicted of murdering hers 20 years ago. As he searches for evidence of the man’s innocence, attacks against Jacinth escalate and if they want to come out of this investigation alive, the two are going to have to put themselves in the path of serial killer. The spook factor is high and the pace is brisk as Jacinth and Nick try not to let history repeat itself.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper