While Kat’s inner demon woes are unrealistic, the author's subtle writing style makes the plot work. This is a lusty and intriguing tale, but the story’s real triumph is in the portrayal of Kat and Alex’s maturing relationship. Having known each other since they were children, Alex’s revelation that he loves Kat is sweet and poignant. Kat’s life is in total upheaval as she struggles with her feelings, and the ensuing emotional turmoil between the two is very well drawn.

Kat Hanson thought that she had a pretty typical life. Her illusions end abruptly when the minions of crazed scientist Dr. Friendly attempt to kidnap her. Kat realizes that she’s not just anybody — she’s the human host of Fenrir, an immortal wolf-demon. It turns out nobody, not even her family, is who she thought they were. Additionally, her best friend, Alex, is actually her Watcher; a bodyguard sworn to protect her. With Alex by her side, Kat should be safe from the demented doctor’s plans. But a new complication arises. When Kat witnesses Alex’s Watcher side, primitive, erotic feelings towards Alex stir. Now Kat must learn to control her desire and her inner demons, or everyone will suffer the consequences. (LIQUID SILVER BOOKS, dl. $5.95)

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Reviewed by: 
Maria Planansky