Greene promises “love and suspense with a dash of Southern gothic” in her third novel, but readers might feel cheated on the “love” part. A handful of characters will arouse curiosity, but the heroine steals the show. Without her, the storyline would be colorless. Luckily, the author’s writing style hasn’t faltered; her prose still has panache, and her work always turns out to be a pleasant read.

Rachel Sevier panics when her brother Jeremy, part-time caretaker of Wynnedower Mansion, stops answering her phone calls. She travels to Virginia and really starts to worry once she learns he has fled. She encounters the mansion owner, rude and rugged Jack Wynne. Searching for her brother keeps Rachel busy once Jack gives her a room to occupy, but she is drawn to the history and mystery of the house. As the sole heir, Jack feels it’s more of a chore to restore the mansion. Rachel makes a few suggestions, and as they work together closely, they uncover a treasure worth much more than what’s hidden in Wynnedower. (KERSEY CREEK, Oct., 296 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi