Exonerated of the charge of murdering her brother-in-law three years ago, Sara Carstairs leads a reclusive life. Though she changes her name and moves from place to place, her past comes back to haunt her.

For the past three years, on the anniversary of Saras acquittal, Max Worth, Lord Maxwell, owner/publisher and journalist of The Courier, runs a brief article about her and the murder. Max believes Sara guilty of the charge and is determined to ferret out the truth.

Wanting a life of her own, free from the constraints of her family, Sara advertises for a husbandthe marriage to be in name only. But a chance encounter in the dark of night between Sara and Max changes both their lives. Though Max comes to believe in Saras innocence he feels she is keeping something from him. But there are troublesome questions to be answered.

Can Sara trust Max? Who is the elusive someone sending Sara notes? Where has the body gone? And most importantly, who is the murderer?

With her talent as a superb storyteller Elizabeth Thornton skillfully blends suspense, murder and a powerful love story into a jewel of a book. SENSUAL (Dec., 354 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond