Image of Strangers in Death


Image of Strangers in Death

Settle back for another eminently entertaining chapter in this first-rate and long-running detective series. Early on strong-willed Lt. Eve Dallas pegs her suspect, but what follows is a thriller that also becomes a personal battle of wills. Robb has created a cunning killer who uses money and a sympathetic façade to divert suspicion. But, as many a killer can attest, never bet against Eve Dallas!

The sexually explicit murder of wealthy businessman Thomas Anders is causing quite a sensation in the press. But for Eve, things don't add up. From all accounts Thomas was happily married and well loved by friends, family and business associates. Who would set out to kill him in a manner guaranteed to bring humiliation to the family?

It doesn't take long for Eve to settle on her prime suspect; proving it, however, will be easier said than done. This cold-blooded and crafty killer has a solid alibi, but Eve follows her instincts to find the one piece of evidence that will break open this troubling case. (PUTNAM, Feb., 368 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith