Image of Stranger's Kiss (Pennistan)


Image of Stranger's Kiss (Pennistan)

Following the acclaimed Traitor's Kiss and Lover's Kiss, the new installment in the Pennistan saga is an emotionally charged story of revenge, loss, passion and redemption. Blayney plays readers like a virtuoso, allowing laughter, tears and every emotion in between to claim your heart.

Lynford Pennistan, the Duke of Meryon, is out for revenge, and he will have it, whether in a duel or a ballroom. He must destroy his enemy no matter what. But in a secluded library he meets a stranger -- a woman who understands the meaning of loss. One small kiss of consolation leads to much more.

Renowned singer Elena Verano is griefstricken over her husband's death and comes to England to find solace. Her unexpected encounter with a stranger unleashes a torrent of emotions. Elena and the duke begin to rouse from their grief, helping one another and falling in love, but the duke's scheme to avenge a lifelong injustice and his love for Elena clash and threaten their chance at happiness. (BANTAM, Sep., 380 pp., $6.99)
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Kathe Robin