You'll want to get acquainted with these bad boys, and the sinful games they play in this trio of erotically romantic stories from three writers who know how to put the sizzle and hiss into history.

With her trademark lust-turns-to-love plot, Johnson sets the fashionable world on its ear as the wicked and amoral Jasper, Viscount Priestley (aka the Pope), meets his match in "Natural Attraction." Scientist and balloonist Nicky Wemyss lives life to its fullest and will take all Jasper can give as they seduce each other in a luscious read.

How does Kate Frost, an East End con artist, end up in Mexico masquerading as an Aztec princess? It's all part of Rhys' plan to bring down the most ruthless man in Mexico. Kate has always been self-reliant, but with Rhys she's no longer in control. She becomes his pawn and finds the psychological bondage both frightening and enticing. As O'Neal pushes her story forward, you'll be caught up in the web of intrigue, bondage and passion that holds the characters in thrall in "Fool Me Once."

When both Jack Merion, a newly wealthy seaman, and Miss Cleo Myles desire "A House on Regent Street," which happens to be a former brothel, they devise a titillating way for both of them to use the house: Cleo will meet Jack each day in a different room to play out any and all fantasies. But there are some surprises up Cleo's sleeve as she helps Jack pursue his passions and ignites her own. Rosenthal delivers a true banquet of delights. (Dec., 384 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin