Erotica fans will absolutely not be able to get enough of the very sexy scenes where the two lovers meet in the dark. Unfortunately, these moments are few and far between. Whitney and Jay want to be together, but real life keeps intruding. The heroine’s concerns about her looks are the most pressing obstacle in the story. At times it becomes hard to empathize with her because of this. Fortunately for her, Jay is sympathetic to her plight and he tries to help. Granted he does so by helping her get plastic surgery, but this seems to be exactly what Whitney thinks she needs. Whether the reader agrees with her decision is another matter altogether …

Whitney Carmichael’s journalism career has completely stalled. She has found moderate success online and on the radio but because of her large nose, her boss will not let her report on air and she gets passed over for a big promotion. Whitney’s professional disappointment has her searching for emotional comfort, which she finds in an anonymous lover she met online.

Whitney's co-worker Jay O’Neill never meant to start relationship with her that consists of secrets and stolen rendezvous in dark hotel rooms. He's always found Whitney smart, funny and desirable. When he learned she was looking for a lover online, Jay tried to take the oportunity to teach Whitney a lesson about the dangers of Internet hook-ups by meeting her in disguise. But once alone with Whitney in the room, Jay’s good intensions went out the window and the couple had sex. Now he's unable to stop seeing her, yet unwilling to reveal his identity, because he's worried that it will ruin their relationship. Jay tries to help Whitney feel desirable so she has self-confidence. He even sets her up to get free cosmetic surgery. Whitney is definitely willing to go through with the procedures if they will further her career, but will she be willing to forgive Jay after he outs himself as her anonymous lover? (ELLORA'S CAVE, November 2011, dl., $6.50)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne