Image of A Stranger's Touch (Aisling Triplets)


Image of A Stranger's Touch (Aisling Triplets)

This second in the Aisling triplets trilogy
is fascinating, continuing a number of threads from At the Edge. The interesting characters have various psychic powers, and there's a nebulous, unknown evil. But the hero starts out as a rather controlling jerk and doesn't improve all that much over the course of the tale. Still, readers will look forward to the final story.

Tempest, the middle-born of the psychic Aisling triplets, can tell the history of an object by touch. Her search for an ancient brooch leads her back to Marcus Greystone, a man with whom she had a one-night stand. Marcus wants her to help him find his parents' murderer. While the water near Marcus's home calls to her as it did her sister, Claire, and an ex-lover threatens Tempest, she tries to find the killer and ends up revealing secrets of his past even he didn't know. (Avon, Apr., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley