Image of Strangers on a Train


Image of Strangers on a Train

All five novellas take place on a train: a ripe setting for sexy shenanigans. The stories are all very unique with their own characters and circumstances. But they all have a common thread of inventive eroticism. Approximately 70 pages each, character development is fast and the sensuality is intense.

In Hunter’s “Tight Quarters,” Brenna has some serious phobias and her weekend on the train is one of the last steps in breaking free. When her car is overbooked and she is forced to room with Reid, her anxiety is soon relieved in more ways than one. Bell’s “Ticket Home” brings together exes Amy and Jeff who thought their relationship was over, but instead enjoy a second chance at love. In Maguire’s “Thank You for Riding,” Caitlin’s commute-long flirtation with a handsome stranger results in them spending the night in a freezing subway station. Matt is trying to take his mind off a slump in his baseball career in Cummings’ “Back on Track.” On a wine tour, the perfect distraction arrives when Allie sits next to him and tells him three things about herself, but one of them is a lie. In Knox’s “Big Boy,” Mandy isn’t into romance, but she gets what she craves during her monthly erotic games with a stranger on a train — and the last thing she expects is to find a soulmate. (SAMHAIN, Feb., 312 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes