After five years of imprisonment, Lily Dale walks out of the gates to find that she has traded one cage for another.

Quinn Weston is determined to be the first governor of Colorado. There can be no taint of scandal on his record. Since his wife has mysteriously disappeared and Quinn needs a woman to pose as Mrs. Weston, Lily is the perfect double.

Rough and tumble Lily is as far from a lady of quality as you can get. But she agrees to the plan, knowing that when the charade is over, she will gain her freedom and the chance to find her daughter.

With Quinn and Kingmaker Paul Kazinskis help, she gradually transforms into Miriam, becoming a true lady fit to be the governors wife.

The masquerade begins to take on a reality of its own as Quinn finds himself attracted to Lily, not because of her resemblance to Miriam, but for her earthy, strong, outspoken character.

As love smolders between this unlikely duo, it becomes imperative to find Miriam.

Maggie Osborne brings readers stories of strong women who rise above their circumstances to triumph. Lily endears herself to readers with her vulnerability, her common sense, her passion for life and her ability to love. Here is a woman we can admire and a man willing to risk much for her love. A STRANGERS WIFE is destined to become a much loved keeper as Maggie Osborne delivers another winner. SENSUAL (Mar., 335 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin