Image of Stray (Shifters, Book 1)


Image of Stray (Shifters, Book 1)

Vincent's debut is fast paced and
cleverly written, and it should find favor with fans of the shape-shifter subgenre. Even those not usually
enamored by it could be won over
by the sheer power and clarity of
her voice. Plus, some of those male werecats are choice!

Granted an unusual amount of freedom by her father, young werecat Faythe Sanders has been attending college and enjoying a basically human lifestyle. All of that changes when Faythe is attacked by a Stray -- a rogue werecat.

Her father orders her home, and Faythe reluctantly complies, even though it means facing her former lover, Marc. But Marc and her family are soon the least of her worries. As a rare female werecat, Faythe has always been prized and protected. Now someone is hunting her and others like her -- and no one is sure why. (MIRA, Jun., 624 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer