Image of Street Game (Ghostwalkers, No 8)


Image of Street Game (Ghostwalkers, No 8)

The power as well as the complications of a close-knit group form the core of Feehan's latest adrenaline-producing GhostWalker novel. Second chances are rare, and as two former lovers face each other, they also face betrayal on an enormous scale. Consistent excellence is a Feehan hallmark, making
her novels guaranteed winners.

Mack McKinley's GhostWalker team is made up of his fellow former street kids, who have become his family. Their expertise is urban warfare, and they are the best at it. But one of those members, Jaimie, abruptly left two years ago, shattering Mack's heart. Now a new mission leads them right to Jaimie and a new danger.

After unsuccessfully trying to wake Mack to the insidious menace of those running the GhostWalker program, Jaimie finally left to secretly pursue the hidden chain of command. Since those shadowy forces are now targeting Jaimie, it will be up to Mack and his team to protect her and uncover the shocking truth! (JOVE, Jan., 464 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith