In this third outing of the Chronicles of the Kings series, King Hezekiah discovers a traitor in his own household -- his beloved wife. He's turned the nation of Judah from idolatry to the worship of Yahweh. Under his reign, God blessed Judah with wealth and freedom. Now he discovers that, in her desperation to give him an heir, Hephzibah has made a pact with the goddess Asherah, promising even to sacrifice a child to her.

Hezekiah rages, and tragedy results. Only the special mercy of God, ministered through the elderly prophet Isaiah, may save his life.

Austin successfully conveys a sense of God's presence and holiness. She fleshes out the biblical account with authentic emotion and riveting detail. A thrilling and fulfilling read. (Sep., 330 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson