Widowed, and with a young daughter, Lady Madeline Sedgewick has been struggling to pay her husband's debts. A mysterious benefactor pays them off. But who is it, and what does he want?

Years ago, groom Brock Taylor had become dangerously interesting to his master's daughterso he was quietly paid off by Lady Madeline's father to disappear. Five years later, Brock calls upon her at home. Madeline sees through his plan at once. By assuming her late husband's debts, he intends to compel her to marry him in order to gain entry into the ton and revenge.

Madeline has another plan, one that doesn't involve marriage or being in debt to anyone. But is agreeing to allow Brock to court her in order to forestall accepting his proposal a good idea?

Though some of her word choices seem too modern and choppy, Shelley Bradley gives her characters generous depth. However, the unrelenting mistrust between the protagonists becomes tiring. A new conflict would have added interesting variety. SENSUAL (Apr., 344 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gabrielle Pantera