Black takes readers from the factual to the mythical, with an out-of-this-world gargoyle, a cruise ship of carnal delights and a rejected Viking warrior.

Although all the tales are hot, "Naughty Nancy" should be labeled dangerous as well. Tired of being shunned by men, Nancy sheds 40 pounds and ditches her spectacles in hopes of getting a hot date. A Halloween party sets the stage for a meeting with a real witch, who casts a spell on Nancy. She ends up in the future and at the mercy of a male gargoyle. Man or monster, Vorik wants her to fulfill all his sexual fantasies.

"Nemesis" places desperate mom Diane Sullivan aboard a carnal pleasure cruise in order to make a down payment on a home for her daughter. When she comes face to face with high school nemesis Garek Ennis, he's dressed to kill and she's as naked as a jaybird. Soon, Diane and Garek indulge in a night of pleasure.

In "Barbarian," a broken betrothal, a Viking attack and a sinful warrior complicate Lady Elen Godeuart's life. Her battle against the Vikings who slew her brother creates repercussions of the passionate kind when Ivar decides Elen will be his love slave. She discovers that seeing to his every need does have its climactic moments.

Black piques much interest with her collection of naughty tales. Both the hot sex and the tender emotions are well done. (Dec., 288 pp, $13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith