A great addition to Angell's baseball romances, this story has humor as
well as some serious issues for its
characters to face. Though Brek and Taylor's romance is the main event, Sloan and Eve's comes close to stealing the show. Intertwined through it all
is the joy found in America's favorite sport -- a joy even those who don't like sports can share.

Three years previously, Taylor left Brek Stryker at the altar. Recovering from the sudden death of her parents, she couldn't accept Brek's need to protect her. Now, hearing of his engagement to the mayor's daughter, Taylor returns home to see him as a single man one last time.

She wants to apologize for what she did, but Brek doesn't welcome her. Relief pitcher Sloan McCaffery does, until Taylor's sister Eve begins to invade his thoughts. As for Eve, she wants nothing to do with the apparently arrogant pitcher. It may take some real physical challenges to get these two couples straightened out. (Love Spell, Apr., 336 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley