Eighteen years ago, Victoria Colby's young son was brutally ripped from her by the vengeful Errol Leberman. Three years later, her beloved husband was murdered by the same madman. Now Leberman is back, playing his deadly games and threatening her chance at a new life with Lucas Camp. As the indomitable force behind the Colby Agency, Victoria employs only the finest security specialist. But even with limitless expertise at her fingertips, her tormentor remains elusive.

he ever-protective Lucas has no intention of letting Leberman destroy his future with Victoria. When he brings agent Tasha North onto his team, he hopes she will be able to flush out the mysterious assassin hired by Leberman. Tasha, eager to prove herself, agrees to pose as bait, but she very quickly breaks the cardinal rule when she falls for the deadly assassin.

The latest in the Colby Agency miniseries, STRIKING DISTANCE brims with tightly woven suspense around every corner, and twists and turns abound. Webb moves effortlessly between two very diverse romances and masterfully keeps the reader on the edge until the last page. (Feb., 304 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell