Image of Strings Attached


Image of Strings Attached

Vintage geeks and budding noirettes will love the historical detail threaded lightly through Blundell’s second trip to the late 1940s/early ‘50s. Readers will love Kit as she navigates New York City, incipient adulthood and her feelings for a volatile but achingly handsome boyfriend. And the story’s climax will blow your mind.

After her boyfriend Billy impetuously enlists, 17-year-old Kit leaves Providence, R.I., for New York City, where she hopes to be the next big Broadway sensation. But Providence catches up to her, in the form of Billy’s dad, alleged mobster lawyer Nate. He sets her up in an apartment and gets her a job dancing at the Lido nightclub. He claims it’s for Billy’s sake, but Kit is wary, especially when he asks her to keep tabs on Billy and report back to him on the club’s denizens. (SCHOLASTIC, Mar., 320 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 9780545221269, HC, 13 & Up)
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