Exotic dancer/amateur sleuth Sierra Lavotini has often wanted to strangle Vincent Gambuzzo, owner of the Tiffany Gentlemans Club, but this latest episode really takes the cake. Vincents managed to lose the club in a poker game, but an apparent attempt to rob the club turns into a shoot-out that leaves one person dead and Bruno, the bouncer, clinging to life.

With Vincent in jail charged with murder, the Tiffany is suddenly turned into Big Mikes House of Booty. As an artist, Sierra has her standards, and the House of Booty falls waaaay short. With the police, including her lover Det. John Nailor, actively pursuing the case against Vincent, Sierra realizes that its up to her to rescue both Vincent and the Tiffany. Complications increase when New Jersey Mafia chief Big Moose Lavotini makes an unexpected appearance in Panama City. For years Sierra has used a supposed relationship with Big Moose to keep Vincent and others in linenow the jig is up and her Uncle has come to call.

Sexy, sassy and completely irreverent, Sierra Lavotini is an utterly unforgettable heroine. Displaying a unique flair for humor, Nancy Bartholomew stands out as one of the true gems of the genre. (Nov., 272 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith