Asked by the FBI to check out a possible mob-connected money-laundering operation, Mark Sullivan goes undercover as a stripper at the Las Vegas club Girls' Night Out, owned by Nicki DiStefano. He is really after Blade Bocelli, who was sent by Nicki's uncle to keep an eye on her and the 30 percent he's invested in her club.

Mark is determined to bring Blade down, especially since he suspects that Blade, along with Mark's ex-wife, tried to frame him for embezzlement. He should be successful, if he can only keep his mind on the job and off Nicki, whom he suspects is in cahoots with Blade and her uncle.

This sequel to Bound and Determined has a great premise. But the execution disappoints. It's set in Las Vegas but lacks a sense of place. Though Mark has good reasons not to trust Nicki, his vacillating between believing her innocent and guilty gets tiring. Between these characters lusting for each other and having sex, it's difficult to see how anything gets done. The sex is fairly explicit and includes some bondage. (Jul., 368 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley