Image of A Stroke of Magic


Image of A Stroke of Magic

This is an uplifting and delightful story about finding love and trusting your heart. It's humorous and heartfelt, and the only hiccup in this enjoyable and well-written tale is that the otherwise intelligent heroine doesn't seem to see answers that are right in front of her -- a maddening trait that may make readers want to slap her upside the head. Fortunately, the frustration doesn't last long, and the satisfying conclusion brings things together nicely.

Alice Raymond is pregnant. The father's out of the picture, and she has a raging crush on her new boss, Ethan. She's also seeing her dead great-grandmother, wishes are coming true and, oh yeah ... she's under a Gypsy's curse, which says that to help her daughter to grow up safe and happy, Alice must find her soul mate before her baby is born.

Ethan Gallagher once thought he'd met "the one." But then a fortuneteller told his fiancee they weren't destined to be together, and she dumped him. If he never hears another hocus-pocus magic story again, it'll be too soon. But years later, when his heart's desire, Alice, starts talking about magic, witches and curses, he'll have to make a choice: Love her enough to see it through or run for the hills. (LOVE SPELL, Jul., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton