This newest story featuring Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong is an intriguing mix of flashbacks and numerous characters’ viewpoints. Plenty of action keeps pages turning along with the fascination of discovering all the pieces connecting and clicking into place to reach the finale.

At 13, Caitlin Strong witnessed her Texas Ranger father kill cult-group leader Maxwell Arno. Now Texas Ranger Caitlin is involved in the case of an injured Iraq veteran who believes his own countrymen are out to get him because of information he has. She’s supposed to bring in her friend, Cort, for extradition to Mexico on a murder charge, and Arno’s son, Malcolm, has plans to take up his father’s legacy and exceed it. Things become complex when Cort’s teenage son is kidnapped in Mexico and it falls to Caitlin, Cort and a few good friends to get him back, especially after they discover who has him. (FORGE, Jun., 352 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley