Image of Strong Heat (A Strong Family Novel)


Image of Strong Heat (A Strong Family Novel)

Disproving the idea that only sex scenes can make a story hot, this Strong family novel takes readers back to where it all began as Kael, Sr. and Alisha relay how they met and fell in love. Scenes switch from the past to the present, and fans are not only brought into the developing love between Kael and Alisha, but are also kept up to date on the siblings who comprise the current generation of Strongs. This is a wonderful example of what a family should be.

Kael Strong knows he wants to start his own family ranch and dynasty. When he meets Lisha Rockmon, his father’s physical therapist, he sees her beauty, but also his future. Lisha made the choice to remain pure until marriage and Kael puts that to the test. In present day, the Strong family is gathered for Christmas and there’s no better time to discover how it all began. (DAFINA, Dec., 416 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins