Caitlin Strong has become one of the best protagonists in the thriller genre, and each book in the series improves on the last. This one is no exception as the history of the Texas Rangers unravels to cause both heartache and reassurance to Strong. The pace is relentless, but the character development never lags and the story doesn’t feel bloated.

Texas Ranger Caitlin is visiting a university with her boyfriend’s son, Dylan, when they are attacked by what seems to be an elite force. At the same time, Cort Wesley Masters and his son are attacked at an amusement park. All are able to escape, but why were they attacked? Their investigation reveals that the real targets were Masters’ sons. Someone with plans to unleash havoc on the United States has just messed with the wrong people. (FORGE, Aug., 368 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jeff Ayers