With its enchanting message of love and delightful secondary characters, STRONGER THAN MAGIC will deftly grab readers' attention.

Shallow beauty Alys de Fayre is cursed for causing the death of her ardent suitor Lucan, legendary knight and son of the fairy prince. Alys is condemned to exist in the fairy underworld, and she waits five hundred years for a chance to right her wrong.

Posing as Lucian Ware's ward, Alys plays matchmaker in hopes of giving Lucian his one true love, thus saving his endangered soul for if she fails, both she and Lucian face eternal damnation. As Alys first helps him change from an insensitive, dictatorial cynic into a caring man open to the possibilities of love, she realizes that her long-ago love for Lucan has matured into something more self-less.

Unbeknownst to Alys, Lucian has accepted his feelings for her and has decided to marry her, when they are abruptly torn apart. Now, Alys struggles to find her way back while Lucian weakens and begins losing the battle for his soul. But if Alys and Lucian are going to make it, only the power of true love can save them!

(Jan., 346 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri McNeil