Image of Struck


Image of Struck

This story of life after the collapse of society is sure to appeal to Hunger Games, Matched and Divergent series fans. Bosworth does a good job of bringing to life the immediate devastation of natural disaster — both literal and figurative. Readers will feel for Mia as she tries to rescue her single mother from the grip of a religious cult leader and navigate a tense relationship with her younger brother, all the while trying to keep it together herself.

Teen Mia Price has been hit by lightning, in fact it's happened so many times that her mother moved the family to Los Angeles. Now in the aftermath of a natural disaster that has destroyed the city, Mia must be the responsible member of the family. Things get even more complicated when the good-looking but incredibly mysterious Jeremy enters the picture. Will this girl who knows what it’s like to have lightning flow through her body be able to weather the coming storm as religious factions clash and everyone wants a piece of her? (FARRAR, STRAUS AND GIROUX, On-sale May 2012, 384 pp., HC, ISBN: 9780374372835, 14 & Up)

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Kate Girard