Boy meets girl, boy is attracted to girl, girl pushes him away to focus on her career. Sounds normal enough, but readers will definitely want to stay by the characters’ sides for the whole ride. McClain has put together a seriously fun bunch, including artists, paramedics and firemen who are all very, very attractive. Although the plot is extremely predictable, the characters are great fun and will remind many of their own little cozy group of friends who always look out for one another.

Rebecca is part owner in an art gallery. She is an artist, and a good one, but she also makes junky-looking art that sells a whole lot better than the masterpieces she’s working to achieve. On her way home after work one day, Rebecca is caught in a deluge and takes cover in the door of the local firehouse, where she meets Dan, a fireman who looks like he should be on a bestselling calendar. She takes an instant liking to him and the feeling is very, very mutual. Dan and Rebecca soon become a couple, but Rebecca’s mind is dead set on making millions in the art world. She ends up leaving Dan in order to concentrate and put her full focus on her work. Flack comes from all around Rebecca as her friends, co-workers, Dan’s friends and even her parents weigh in on the love that should not be denied for the almighty dollar and artistic fame. Will she find a way to balance her two loves? (LYRICAL, Nov., 153 pp., $5.50)
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