Losing her job and her beloved uncle in one day is a double whammy for Darcie Reed. Darcie hasn't been back to eccentric Uncle Horry's Shangri-La since her engagement to Cameron Pierce fell apart months ago. Now, after Horry's death, both Cameron and Darcie have been called back for the reading of the will.

Leave it to Uncle Horry to put a really bizarre spin on things. According to his will, Lucky the cat inherits everything unless Darcie and Cameron cohabitate for a month. If that happens, then Darcie inherits all. If, however, something happens to Lucky before the month is over, Horry's long missing brother will inherit.

Lucky is really ticked off at Horry for painting a target sign on his fur and, since Horry is currently a ghost hanging around the old mansion, they can now communicate. Horry only wanted to get Cameron and Darcie back together, but now greed and avarice have taken hold, so poor Lucky has to watch his step. Can a ghost and an annoyed cat clue in Cameron and Darcie before it is too late?

Michaels' wacky sense of humor is on full display with a hero and heroine who are definitely Stuck in Shangri-La. When you add in snarly feline wisdom and ghostly high jinks, you are in for a wild ride. (Nov., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith