Image of A Study in Revenge: A Novel


Image of A Study in Revenge: A Novel

The second book in this fresh new historical series is set in 1893 Portland, Maine, and Boston. Working for the authorities is Deputy Archie Lean. Helping him, at his request, is a private detective and brilliant criminalist, Perceval Grey. The story includes historical characters of the period and provides details about both cities’ atmospheres at that time. The characters are vivid and captivating, playing off each other with their differences. The writing is strong, and the intricate story pulls the reader in and doesn’t let go.

A Study in Revenge starts with a bang. A thief is found dead, his face burned to a crisp. He appeared to have walked in that condition through an outside door, up the staircase leaving blackened footprints, only to sit in a chair. The outside of the door holds a picture of a face, crudely drawn in ash and blood. Above are the words “Hell Awaits.” Perhaps the most disturbing fact is the man was buried only days before without any marks of burns. When they visit the coffin it appears the body burst out from the inside. Deputy Archie Lean calls private detective Perceval Grey for advice. Grey, a half-Abenaki Indian, has another case, finding the long-lost granddaughter of a wealthy, dying man. His family wants an heirloom carved with symbols recovered. The deeper the two men go into the cases, the more they discover them to be connected. Dark emotions and danger follow them to the deadly end. (CROWN, Jan., 384 pp., $25.00).

Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor