A parent’s instinct to protect his child is the flash point for the newest chapter in Leigh’s long-running Breed series. Leigh’s world has expanded, and engaging plot points have developed. Tense conflicts and vying loyalties may threaten lives — and entertain readers. One thing you can be sure of in a Leigh adventure, there will be alpha males and scorching passion galore!

As toddler Amber Wyatt struggles to survive the effects of the mysterious drug she was injected with, Jonas Wyatt vows to do anything to save her. Jonas’s best hope is to find the long-missing Honor Roberts and Fawn Corrigan, young women who were similarly experimented on as children and survived. The trail for both young women is cold, but that won’t stop Wolf breed Stygian Black from hunting. The Navajo Nation has offered to help, and Liza Johnson is their representative. But what secrets are the Navajo hiding? Stygian vows to find out, but his hunt is complicated by the fact that Liza is his destined breed mate. (BERKLEY, Aug., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith