Image of Styxx (Dark-Hunter Novels)


Image of Styxx (Dark-Hunter Novels)

Eleven thousand years ago, twin brothers separated as children were each forced into horrific lives filled with endless torture and the rape of both body and soul. This sweeping novel is more of a coming-of-age saga than a romance, but the love story within is intense. Fair warning, as with Acheron, the graphic violence and suffering the hero endures is quite disturbing and difficult to read. However it is also a story of the triumph of will and endurance as only a master storyteller like Kenyon can deliver.

Doomed from birth by the machinations of malevolent gods, brothers Acheron and Styxx have barely seven years as siblings before they are torn apart to start their own painful destinies. Although he is crowned prince, Styxx is at the mercy of his father’s schizophrenic behavior, placing him in the path of those who would torment and torture him. Despite this, Styxx retains his humanity and kindness. He also discovers love with a beautiful young blind woman named Bethany. But Bethany is more than she appears — and Styxx knows all too well the vindictiveness of the gods. (ST. MARTIN’S, Sep., 840 pp., $27.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith