This is the follow-up to Leigh's Surrender, and the last time readers saw Ella Delacourte, she had stormed out of her ex-husband's home, infuriated and horrified by her daughter's wish to submit to a man. Now the one man who could make her lose control is staying at her home by request of her daughter.

James Wyman understands Ella and is determined to make her his. She has hidden from her desires long enough, and James is just the man to force her to face her needs. Will Ella be able to take all that James wants to give, or will her fears of submitting make her run again?

Leigh has written another fantasy that will titillate. This is one woman's journey into the world of bondage and submission and what it means to belong to a man while she overcomes her fears to find satisfaction. (dl $4.45)
Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers