Image of Sudden Attraction


Image of Sudden Attraction

SUDDEN ATTRACTION (4.5) by Rebecca York: Pastry chef Gabriella Boudreaux arrives home for her mother’s funeral to find she has picked up a stalker along the way. Could it be the reclusive man who was renting a cottage from her mother, or is there someone else on her trail? Investigative journalist Luke Buckley thought he’d found the perfect place to hide out from the hit men who want him dead, but from the instant he touches Gabriella, he finds himself in a far more complicated situation, ensnared in a passion he never expected. As Luke and Gabriella flee the people who want them dead, they struggle to understand their own growing powers, and the fate they seemed destined to share. The second installment of the Mindbender series will give readers a bit more information about the past and provides intriguing insight into the possibilities of the future.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper