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Image of Sudden Death: A Novel of Suspense


Image of Sudden Death: A Novel of Suspense

The line between sanity and
madness is indeed thin in Brennan's latest psychological thriller. One
reason why Brennan's tales are so
disturbing is her ability to create
utterly chilling villains. With plenty
of twists and turns, this perverted revenge tale is both unsettling and
suspenseful. Brennan hits every note terrifyingly right!

FBI special agent Megan Elliot suspects she has a serial killer on her hands when she makes the link between several victims being all ex-Delta Force. When the military clams up and confiscates a body, getting the evidence she needs won't be easy. Ex-Army Ranger Jack Kincaid runs a soldier-for-hire group based in Texas. When one of his colleagues is murdered, Jack goes looking for answers and finds Megan.

Accustomed to playing by the rules, Megan is both intrigued and exasperated by burn-the-rules Jack. Frighteningly, the killers are not finished, and deciphering their twisted motives of revenge won't be easy -- as the final target hits all too close to home. (BALLANTINE, Apr., 448 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith