Author Renee Shepherd receives a mysterious e-mail from a frantic woman who suspects fraud in her workplace and is afraid for her life. As much as she wants to help, Renee can only advise the woman to go to the police. Renee leaves for Chicago to visit her sister, Michelle. Upon her arrival, she learns that the woman who sent the e-mail is her sisters co-worker and has committed suicide.

Haunted by guilt, Renee wonders if the womans death was truly a suicide. When she meets the handsome business owner, Evan Brooks, Renee is shocked by her attraction to him and dismayed because she remembers the dead womans fear that her boss was involved. As Renee falls in love with Evan, she prays that her love will be justified by Evans innocence.

Evan cant believe the strength of his attraction for Renee. Hes in the middle of trying to discover just what happened with his employees suicide/possible murder. The more evidence he uncovers, the more hes inclined to believe his employee was murdered. Yet, even as his relationship grows with Renee, the evidence points to him as the murderer. His determination to find the killer is motivated by Renees growing suspicion that he is the killer. He only hopes love will prove more powerful than circumstantial evidence.

Angela Winters has written a compelling romantic suspense with a few twists that even the most advanced literary sleuth wont anticipate. (June, 288 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson