Image of Sudden Pleasures (Pleasures Series)


Image of Sudden Pleasures (Pleasures Series)

Arranged marriages are nothing new,
but the spin that Small puts on her contemporary version is hot and different. Two desperate heirs attempting to keep their inheritance and businesses are striking
out when it comes to finding marriage partners before their deadline. Interference from family and friends becomes both
a help and hindrance in this page-
turner. The sex scenes, although few,
are definitely scorching.

Ashley needs a husband -- and fast. Without a marriage certificate, she will lose the family estate and her lingerie business. Her past choices of grooms didn't work out. One was gay, one a con man and the other a sexaholic who died in the throes of passion. When her attorney proposes a new man who is in the same boat as Ashley -- his sisters will inherit if he doesn't marry -- she is afraid to hope.

But when sexy Ryan walks into the boardroom, Ashley is immediately in love and lust. Ryan feels the same way about the curvaceous brunette. Their relationship grows, but when it looks like clear sex and love ahead, Ryan's sisters do all they can to get the marriage overturned. (NAl, Jun., 288 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith