In the moment she learns she's an aunt, model Christine Morrow realizes how empty her glamorous life is, devoid of warmth, love and a special man to share it with. In the midst of her soul searching, she meets handsome Maxwell Chandler, MD. Totally unimpressed with her beauty and her lifestyle, he's the only man to pique her interest in years. Using her beauty, her brains and her knowledge of men, Christine pursues the devastatingly charming doctor.

Maxwell is stunned when Christine arrives at his clinic for a physical exam. Granted, she'd passed out in his arms at a society function the night before, but to see her in Harlem in his untrendy clinic is still a shock. Conducting her exam is sheer torture for him. As he touches her so intimately, he realizes his attraction to her is stronger than any he's ever felt before. But he's had his share of beautiful, spoiled, self-centered women who carelessly destroy lives in the pursuit of their pleasures.

Sandra Kitt has reached a true pinnacle with this love story. Poignant and sensual, SUDDENLY reflects the author's skill and artistry in weaving glorious tapestries of romantic fiction that touch the heart with their incandescent beauty, heart-rending emotion and breathtaking romance. (June, 287 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson