Image of Suddenly


Image of Suddenly

To prevent her sister from marrying a man she does not love, Charity Emerson proposes to Lord Simon "Devil" Dure herself. Amused, Dure accepts her outlandish idea and becomes engaged to the spirited hoyden.

Much to cynical Dure's amazement, Charity brings a certain charm and delight to his life, rescuing stray dogs and anyone else in trouble. But more than that, Charity's sweetness proves irresistible and he is soon tempted by desire for his betrothed.

Then the threatening notes appear and when Dure is suspected in a blackmailer's murder, Charity sets out to seduce him into marriage and clear his name even at the risk of her own life.

Overflowing with warmth and devilment, SUDDENLY is a sheer pleasure to read. Funny, touching, and packed with the memorable characters and wondrous love story we have come to expect from Ms. Camp, this Americana style romance set in Victorian England is the season's best. What a joy to read! SENSUAL (Feb., 401 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin