Image of Suddenly One Summer (Angel's Bay)


Image of Suddenly One Summer (Angel's Bay)

Freethy has an intriguing idea for her new series: Angels from an old shipwreck remain active in Angel's Bay
and influence events and people, especially the descendants of the survivors. A somewhat jerky transition from character to character interrupts the flow
of the story, but the reader will want
to know how the plotlines resolve. On to book two.

Jenna Davies had hoped to mend her relationship with her sister, but instead arrived just in time to save her niece from the abusive father who kills her sister. Jenna takes her sister's place in the escape that had been arranged for mother and daughter and goes into hiding in Angel's Bay. She is trying to live a quiet life, but when she sees a girl jump from the town pier, she cannot let the girl drown. Suddenly she's a heroine and has attracted the attention of a reporter, Reed Tanner. The last thing she needs right now is media coverage.

Reed is not a local but, having quit his high-powered news job in the wake of tragedy, has agreed to do a puff piece on the angel sightings for a tabloid. Jenna is the first thing to spark his news sense since he left the big city paper. He can see she's hiding something, but she also seems like a lovely, vulnerable woman devoted to her child. Doing anything to get a story ripped apart his life once. Can he switch off his nose for news, or will those very instincts help Jenna keep clear of a killer? (POCKET STAR, Jul., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan