Image of Suddenly Single


Image of Suddenly Single

This is more than just another visit with the Crawford family. Green delivers a heartwarming story of family and romance. Characters are wonderfully portrayed, with multilayered personalities and actions. Even the bad guys are well developed, complete with fleshed-out histories and explanations
of self-motivation.

Even though Trina Crawford has repeatedly told her boyfriend Drake that she doesn't want to get married, he proposes to her during the televised halftime of a basketball game. Drake doesn't take the rejection well and sets out to get revenge.

Reno Merriwether sees Trina's rejection of Drake on TV and instantly remembers a time when he knew and loved her, in college. He contacts Trina, and the two make a deal: Reno needs a wife to complete the adoption of his daughter's biological sister, and Trina needs help with her business. Working together, they realize that what they started in college may have been a love meant for a lifetime. (DAFINA, Mar., 286 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims