Image of The Suffragette Scandal (The Brothers Sinister) (Volume 4)


Image of The Suffragette Scandal (The Brothers Sinister) (Volume 4)

There’s a whole lot to love about Milan’s fourth installment in her Brothers Sinister series, not the least of which is the irrepressible heroine Miss Frederica “Free” Marshall. (Think a Victorian England cross between Nellie Bly and Katherine Hepburn.) Witty, brave and wise beyond her years, Free is Milan’s gutsiest heroine yet, and it’s impossible not to root for her, as well as her beleaguered newspaper. Hero Edward is a bit more of a cipher, befitting his checkered past, and Milan dishes out his back story in just enough tempting bits to keep readers returning for more. To round it all out, the tale packs plenty of witty repartee into its pages, as well as a sweet love story, a delightful F/F secondary romance and cameos from the series’ other beloved characters. As Free would say, “Huzzah!”

As the editor of a women’s newspaper and a vocal suffragette, Miss Frederica “Free” Marshall is no stranger to criticism, but the latest attacks on her paper are personal; they threaten to undermine everything she’s worked hard to achieve. Enter Edward Clark. For reasons he won’t reveal, the handsome rogue offers to help expose the men trying to defeat Free’s paper. Free knows she shouldn’t trust the mysterious Mr. Clark, especially after he reveals his skills at blackmail and forgery. She figures she should be safe so long as she doesn’t allow their undeniable chemistry to override her good sense. But the more she learns about Edward, the more he intrigues her. When Edward is forced to confront his past, Free realizes just how much he’s hidden from her, and must decide how he fits within the future she’s always envisioned. (COURTNEYMILAN.COM, 299 pp., Jul., $3.99)

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Audrey Goodson Kingo