Image of Sugar


Image of Sugar

Jameson, of adult-film fame, and established romance writer Tarr team up for a novel of heart and heat. The generally upbeat story has a kitchen-sink approach to storytelling with PTSD, cancer and a stalker — only three of several plot lines. On the other hand, the multiple sex scenes, with or without BDSM, are spectacularly kinky and hot.

As her LA stalker gets bolder, porn star Sarah “Sugar” Halliday is ready to retire. She runs to New York to help a sick friend, and into her life barrels war hero and billionaire philanthropist Colvin “Cole” A. Canning. He saves her from a purse snatcher and charms her into bed. The two quickly determine that they want to see way more of each other — but no strings attached, thank you. It’s a good plan, but soon they are wrapped up in each other’s lives and grappling with reconciling their pasts and present. When the stalker shows up in New York, it’s Cole who steps in to save Sarah. Then, they must face what they fear (and want) most: being together forever. (SKYHORSE PUBLISHING, Oct., 288 pp., $22.95)
Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison