Rachel Sloan has long dreamed of a place of her own, a home and a quiet life. Lately her dreams include Ben McGuire with whom her employer, JoAnna Tharp, has been corresponding. She is offered the chance for her dreams to come true if she will just go off to meet Ben masquerading as JoAnna.

From the moment she arrives in Valiant, Texas, Rachel realizes the deception will be harder than she imagined when the bitterness of the townspeople becomes evident. Trying to keep Ben at arm's length isn't easy, either.

Planning to end the charade, Rachel searches the town for a suitable bride for Ben. When news from home arrives, all her lies come crashing down around Rachel. Now she and Ben must team up to sort fact from fiction and friends from enemies.

Ms. Pace gives readers a charming view of this town and its myriad residents, though the pacing is somewhat slow. SWEET (Nov., 288 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson