When Sugar Ann Spicer Herndon's swindling husband, Edward, absconds with stolen funds, all Sugar Ann has left are the clothes on her back and a Pinkerton on her trail. With nowhere else to turn, she heads for her Aunt Trista's home in Galveston, Texas, leaving Chicago high society behind so she can find her thieving spouse, reclaim the money and clear her name.

Webb McQuillan is on leave from the Texas Rangers, working on an assignment for Pinkerton, when he encounters Sugar Ann on a train. Even disguised in widow's weeds, she fits the description of the woman he is hunting.

He thinks everything is under control until the train is robbed and he's injured. When they reach Galveston, Sugar Ann insists upon bringing Webb to her aunt's to recuperate.

Aunt Trista's is not the haven Sugar Ann expects. Her aunt has been in a coma for three weeks after being attacked and a vile lawyer controls all of her funds. Aside from this, it seems that Aunt Trista has taken in every stray and needy man, woman and child in town.

Sugar Ann does her best to protect the family of eccentrics that she comes to love (and that adores her). As Webb sees her with the family, he comes to the realization that she could not be Edward's accomplice and he vows to help the woman he has fallen in love with. But what will happen on the day she learns that he's been working to capture her and not just her heart?

Light-hearted, funny and poignant, SUGAR ANN is charming and as sweet as the confection she's named after. You'll come to love the characters at Aunt Trista's as much as Sugar Ann and will delight in their unique personalities. Definitely look forward with high hopes to another historical romance from this well-known contemporary author. SENSUAL (Mar., 337 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin